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The Customer Loyalty Program
Creating Your Customer Roadmap to Loyalty
The Customer Loyalty Program is designed to help our clients attract and retain loyal profitable customers who become advocates of our clients' products and services. The program provides a yearly survey, in-depth customer interviews, to pinpoint exactly how our clients can increase customer loyalty, win new business, and solve problems before customers are lost. The consulting team, having conducted and managed thousands of customer requirement interviews in high-tech business-to-business markets, has a strong background in leading edge technologies to address complex product and service issues. Surveys are customized to address our clients' unique products, services, and customer base.

Program Basics

(1) We interview customers in-depth. Clients receive a detailed write-up of every interview conversation to document the following:
  • Assessment of satisfaction and loyalty
  • Performance ratings in customized categories
  • Perceptions of how our client rates compared to competitors
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • New technology or new product/service requirements
  • Future purchasing plans
  • Number of referrals given and other measurements of loyalty
  • Customized questions to address specific market concerns
(2) We will generate a full report and presentation, the Customer Roadmap to Loyalty, including recommendations for increasing loyalty, attracting new business, and managing customer satisfaction issues. The roadmap report will document what customers require to ensure their loyalty, how to work on customers' day-to-day concerns, how to identify target customer segments, how to stay ahead of the competition, how to plan for customers' future needs, and how to increase profitability through customer loyalty. This program also helps clients meet ISO standards for customer satisfaction tracking.

Please call us at (408) 978-1035 to discuss how we can establish a winning customer satisfaction and loyalty program at your company. We will provide you with a detailed proposal describing your customized program, free of charge.