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Mr. Downey, Ms. Fox and associates have delivered the following presentations, and authored or co-authored the following published papers:
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market." Contract Pharma, June 2017
"Biopharma Fill Finish Contract Manufacturing Market." Contract Pharma, November 2016
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Technology and Capacity Investments." BioProcess International, September 2016
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Contract Negotiations." Contract Pharma, April 2016
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Capacity Expansions." Contract Pharma, June 2015
"Changing Prices in the Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market." Contract Pharma, March 2015
"CMOs Shifting to Smaller Bioreactors." Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, October 1, 2014
"Biopharma CMO Update." Contract Pharma, June 2014
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Fill-and-Finish." Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, November/December 2013
"Adoption of High Content Screening at HTS Laboratories." Drug Discovery World, Spring 2013
"Bio-CMO Industry Trends. The market continues its upswing." Contract Pharma, April 2013
"Trends in Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing." Chemistry Today, January/February 2013
"CMO Adoption of New Process Technologies." Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, November/December 2012
"CMOs Focus on Technology Improvements." Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, October 1, 2012
"Bio-CMO Industry Trends." Contract Pharma, May 2012
"Biopharmaceutical Fill-and-Finish Contract Manufacturing." Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, September/October 2011
"Single-Use Disposables Technologies in Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing." American Pharmaceutical Review, July/August 2011
"CMOs Investing in Capacity & Capabilities." Genetic Engineering News, July 2011
"Fujifilm Acquires Merck Bio-Network." Contract Pharma, June 2011
"Biopharma CMO Pricing Trends. A new report details the costs of bio-manufacturing" Contract Pharma, June 2011
"Boehringer Enters U.S. Bio-CMO Space." Contract Pharma, May 2011
"CMOs Dominate Fill-and-Finish Operations." Genetic Engineering News, May 15, 2011
"Breaking down the Boehringer Ingelheim / Amgen Fremont Deal." Contract Pharma, April 2011
"Moving Forward with Label-Free Technology." Drug Discovery World, Winter 2010/2011
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing." Presentation at Pharma Contract Manufacturing/Asia Generics Summit, Singapore, October 1, 2010
"Corporate Valuation Techniques for Non-Finance Manager Workshop." Presentation at Pharma Contract Manufacturing/Asia Generics Summit, Singapore, October 1, 2010
"CMOs Invest Time & Money to Improve Their Operations" Genetic Engineering News, October 1, 2010
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market: Outsourcing – What Services are Biomanufacturing Directors Looking for from CMOs?" Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, September/October, 2010
"Tracking HTS Assay Development Time: Opportunity for Improving Drug Discovery." Drug Discovery World, Summer, 2010
Quoted in "Due Diligence Essential in Selecting CMO." Genetic Engineering News, June 1, 2010
"State of the Bio-CMO Market. A rebound year ahead?"  Contract Pharma, April 2010
"Reducing Risk in Supply Chain: Ensuring Continuing Quality While Working with Outside Partners."  Biopharmaceutical Outsourcing, March/April 2010
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing."  Presentation at Biologic Manufacturing World Asia 2010, Singapore, March 16-19, 2010
"Panel Discussion: Looking closely at Asia as a new emerging player for contract manufacturing business."  Panel Moderator, Biologic Manufacturing World Asia 2010, Singapore, March 16-19, 2010
"Compound Profiling: size impact on primary screening libraries."  Drug Discovery World, Spring 2010
"Assessing Partnerships."  European Biopharmaceutical Review, January 2010
"Contract manufacturers are more cost conscious."  ICIS Chemical Business, October 12-18, 2009
"Multiplexing for biological relevance in high throughput screening."  Drug Discovery World, Fall 2009
"Contract Manufacturing Demand Remains Strong: Firms Constantly Improving Operations with Enabling Technologies and Cost-Cutting Measures."  Genetic Engineering News, October 1, 2009
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Market: How CMO-Client Relationship has Evolved."  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, October 2009
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing."  Presentation at National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, August 5, 2009
"Stand-Alone or Corporate Integrated Contract Manufacturing Organizations: Are There Real Differences?"  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, August 2009
"Biopharmaceutical Contact Manufacturing Market."  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, June 2009
"Biopharma CMO Market Report: Optimism is High Amoung Biocontract Manufacturers."  Contract Pharma, May 2009
"Economic Uncertainty, Job Insecurity and Outsourcing: Where are We Now and Where are We Headed?"  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, April 2009
"Hit the Target."  World Pharmaceutical Frontiers, March 2009
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Changing Prices."  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Jan/Feb 2009
"Considerations in Establishing Overseas Operations."  Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Nov/Dec 2008
"Financial Risk Analysis in Evaluating Contract Manufacturers."  American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Sep/Oct 2008
"Contract Manufacturing Organizations are Cautiously Optimistic About 2009."  Genetic Engineering News, October 1, 2008
"The Coming Age of Biomanufacturing."  Speaker, BioLogic Europe 2008, September 16-19, 2008
"Predicting Innovation in Biomaufacturing"  Panel Moderator, BioLogic Europe 2008, September 16-19, 2008
"Strategic and Economic Biomanufacture"  Panel Moderator, BioLogic Europe 2008, September 16-19, 2008
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Markets, Capacities and Requirements."  Speaker, 3rd Annual BioPharm Asia 2008, September 8-11, 2008
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Expansion in Asia."  American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Jul/Aug 2008
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Recent Industry Growth."  American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, May/June 2008
"Biopharma CMO Market Report."  Contract Pharma, May 2008
"International visionary panel: Asia's advantage: Achieving cost-effective biologics production by setting up manufacturing base in Asia."  Panel Moderator, BioManufacturing Asia 2008, April 15-16, 2008
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Markets, Capacities & Requirements."  Presentation at IBC's Outsourcing Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA, March 2008
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: An Industry Overview."  American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, Jan/Feb 2008
"An overview of the global capacity, efficiencies and demand for biopharmaceuticals."  Speaker, Asian BioManufacturing Conference, December 3-4, 2007
"Needs and Challenges in High Throughput Screening."  Drug Discovery World Winter 2007/8
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Changing Views on Outsourcing Biologic Projects to Asia."  Pharma Asia, Nov/Dec 2007
"CMOs Focused on Meeting Needs and Time Lines - Firms Ramp-Up Capacity and Offer More Tools and Services with a Collaborative Approach."  Genetic Engineering News, October 1, 2007
"China's Bio-manufacturing Outsourcing Opportunities and Challenges."  Presentation at bioLOGIC China, Beijing, China, September 2007
"GPCRs New Strategies for an Old Target Class."  Drug Discovery World Fall 2007
"Evaluating Supply and Demand Patterns for Contract Biologics Manufacturing."  Pharmaceutical Technology Outsourcing Resources 2007
"Biopharmaceutical Yield Improvements." American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, May/June 2007
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Markets, Capacities & Outsourcing."  Presentation at Life Science Alliance World, London, UK, April 2007
"Biopharmaceutical Contractor Selection - A new report details client criteria."  Contract Pharma, April 2007
"HTS History - Report Highlights the Changing Face of High-Throughput Screening."  SBS Pre-Conference Issue 2007
"BioManufacturing and Outsourcing Strategies."  Presentation at BioPharm Asia, Singapore, December 12, 2006
"CMOs Aim to Boost Production Efficiency - Capacity, Compliance, and Quality Remain the Keystones for Success in Biomanufacturing Operations."  Genetic Engineering News, October 1, 2006
"BioManufacturing: Outsourcing Strategies - A Worldwide Overview."  BIOforum Europe, October 2006
"High-Throughput Screening: Update on Practices and Success."  Society for Biomolecular Sciences, September 14, 2006

"Seeking Pricing Guidelines in the Market for Outsouced Biopharmaceutical Production." Genetic Engineering News, May 1, 2006

"Outsourcing Bio-Production to Asia - Are attitudes changing?"  Contract Pharma, April 2006
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"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: Improved Processes and Business Strategies to Meet Production Demand."  American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, November/December 2005
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"Bioprocessing Capacity: Crisis or Excess?" Contract Services Europe, May 2004


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"Drug Discovery and Development Success Stories."  Chaired session at IBC ScreenTech World Summit, San Diego, CA, March 22, 2004


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"BioManufacturing Responsibilities: Who's Responsible When Something Goes Wrong in a BioManufacturing Partnership?" Contract Pharma, March 2003
"Success Stories: Compounds from Screening Programs in Clinical Development." Presention at ScreenTech World Summit, San Diego, CA, March 26, 2003
"Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Strategies to Meet Capacity Challenges." Presention at BioPhex,
Santa Clara, CA, October 23, 2002
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October 1, 2002
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September 2002
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"Capacity Crunch in Contract Biomanufacturing." Genetic Engineering News, Volume 21, Number 17, October 1, 2001
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"Avoiding the BioManufacturing Capacity Crunch." American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, July/August 2001
"Pharmaforschung im Umbruch." CHEManager, 9.-22 Juli 2001
"High Throughput Screening: Early Successes Indicate a Promising Future." Journal of Biomolecular Screening, Volume 6, Number 3, 2001
"New HTS Strategies Required to Screen An Increasing Number of Targets." Genetic Engineering News, April 1, 2001
"Driven Toward Higher Density and Better Detection." Drug Discovery & Development, April 1, 2001
"Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing: A Growing Demand for Capacity Spurs the Industry" American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, September/October, 2000
"CRO's Continue to Court Biotech Business" Genetic Engineering News, September 1, 2000
"The Comprehensive Site Transfer Plan: An Overview of Key Advice from Experienced Contractors" Presentation at IBC's International Symposium on Production Site Transfer, August 2000
"Pharmaceutical Companies Provide Unique Contract Service Capabilities" BioPharm, July 2000
"Biotech Firms Embrace Contract Manufacturing" Genetic Engineering News, June 1, 2000
"Vendors' Viewpoint: Tech Transfer" Contract Pharma, March 2000
""Assay Innovations Vital to Improving HTS" Drug Discovery and Development, March 2000
"Future Trends in Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing" Presentation at BIO 2000 International Meeting, Boston, MA, March 27, 2000
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January/February 2000
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"Outsourcing Drug Manufacturing" Genetic Engineering News, July 1999
"Compatibility an Issue in HTS." Genetic Engineering News, February 1, 1999
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June 1, 1998
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January 1998
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April 27- 28, 1997, sponsored by the Bay Area Bioscience Center
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"Biotech Laboratory Instrumentation: A Report on Latest Developments." Biotech Lab International,
March-April 1996
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December 1995
"Scientists Foresee Substantial Growth in Carbohydrate Technology and Products." Genetic Engineering News, November 15, 1995
"Advances and Continual Challenges in Peptide Synthesis Instrumentation." Genetic Engineering News,
June 1 1995
"Biopolymers Appear to Offer Many Natural Solutions to Complex Problems." Genetic Engineering News, March 1, 1995
"Suppliers Say Qualitative Customer Input Is More Important than Crunching Numbers." Genetic Engineering News, December 1994
"Review of Current Research Projects and Innovations in Bioremediation." Genetic Engineering News,
October 1, 1994
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"Process and Equipment Requirements for Sterilization of Biological Wastes," Genetic Engineering News, January 1991, p. 6
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Trade Journals:
American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
BioPharm Magazine
Contract Pharma
Drug Discovery & Development
Genetic Engineering News
Journal of Biomolecular Screening
Nature Biotechnology Magazine
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