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High Throughput Screening Suppliers: Drug Discovery
ABS - Analytical Biological Services, Inc. www.absbioreagents.com
Absorption Systems www.absorption.com
Acea Biosciences, Inc. www.aceabio.com
Agilent Technologies www.agilent.com
Ajinomoto Aminoscience, LLC www.ajiaminoscience.com
Almac Group Ltd. www.almacgroup.com
AMRI www.amriglobal.com
Analytik Jena AG www.analytik-jena.de
AnaSpec, Inc. www.anaspec.com
Applied BioPhysics, Inc. www.biophysics.com
Apricot Designs, Inc. www.apricotdesigns.com
ArQule, Inc. www.arqule.com
Array BioPharma, Inc. www.arraybiopharma.com
ASINEX Corp. www.asinex.com
Assaymetrics Limited www.assaymetrics.com
Aurora Biomed Inc. www.aurorabiomed.com
Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd. www.aurorafinechemicals.com
Avidity LLC www.avidity.com
Axion Biosystems www.axionbiosystems.com
Bangs Laboratories, Inc. www.bangslabs.com
BD Biosciences www.bdbiosciences.com
Beckman Coulter Inc. www.beckmancoulter.com
Bellbrook Labs www.bellbrooklabs.com
Bigneat Containment Technology www.bigneat.com
Bioautomation www.bioautomation.com
Biolin Scientific www.biolinscientific.com
BioMedTech Laboratories, Inc. www.biomedtech.com
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. www.biorad.com
BioReliance/SAFC www.bioreliance.com
Biostatus Ltd. www.biostatus.com
BioTek Instruments, Inc. www.biotek.com
Biotron Diagnostics Inc. www.biotrondiagnostics.com
BMG LABTECH GmbH www.bmglabtech.com
Brendan Technologies www.brendan.com
Brooks Automation, Inc. www.brooks.com
Cayman Chemical Co. www.caymanchem.com
Cellectricon AB www.cellectricon.com
Cell Signaling Technology www.cellsignal.com
Certara www.certara.com
Charles River Laboratories www.criver.com
ChemBridge Corporation www.chembridge.com
ChemDiv, Inc. www.chemdiv.com
Cisbio Bioassays www.cisbio.com
Columbia Biosciences www.columbiabiosciences.com
Core Informatics LLC www.corelims.com
Corning Life Sciences www.corning.com/worldwide/en/products/life-sciences.html
Cyprotex www.cyprotex.com
CytoBioScience www.cytobioscience.com
Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc. www.daiichisankyo.com
Deltagen, Inc. www.deltagen.com
Digilab, Inc. www.digilabglobal.com
DiscoveRx Inc. www.discoverx.com
Douglas Scientific www.douglasscientific.com
Echelon Biosciences, Inc. www.echelon-inc.com
EDC Biosystems, Inc. www.edcbiosystems.com
Eidogen-Sertanty www.eidogen-sertanty.com
Enamine www.enamine.net
Enzo Life Sciences, Inc. www.enzolifesciences.com
Eppendorf AG www.eppendorf.com
Essen BioScience www.essenbioscience.com
Etaluma, Inc. www.etaluma.com
Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories www.eruofinsus.com
Europa Bioproducts Ltd. www.Europa-Bioproducts.com
Evotec AG www.evotec.com
Exalpha Biologicals, Inc. www.exalpha.com
Exclusive Chemistry Ltd www.exchemistry.com
Exiqon A/S www.exiqon.com
Fermentek Biotechnology www.fermentek.com
Fluidigm Corp. www.fluidigm.com
Fluorous Technologies, Inc. www.fluorous.com
Fluxion Biosciences www.fluxionbio.com
ForteBio, a Division of Pall Life Sciences www.fortebio.com
Frontier Scientific Services www.frontierssi.com
GE Healthcare Life Sciences www.gelifesciences.com
Genedata www.genedata.com
Genevac, Ltd. www.genevac.com
Gentronix Ltd. www.gentronix.co.uk
Gilson, Inc. www.gilson.com
Golden Helix, Inc. www.goldenhelix.com
Greiner Bio-One GmbH www.greinerbioone.com
Hamamatsu Photonics www.hamamatsu.com
Hamilton Company www.hamiltoncompany.com
Harvard Bioscience, Inc. www.harvardbioscience.com
Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. www.hitachi-hightech.com
Hologic, Inc. www.hologic.com
HTG Molecular www.htgmolecular.com
Hudson Robotics, Inc. www.hudsoncontrol.com
IBA Group www.iba-worldwide.com
IDBS www.idbs.com
IDEX Health & Science www.idexcorp.com
Inanovate, Inc. www.inanovate.com
IntegenX www.integenx.com
Key Organics, Ltd. www.keyorganics.net
Kibron, Inc. www.kibron.com
Labcon www.labcon.com
Labcyte, Inc. www.labcyte.com
Labnet International, Inc. www.labnetinternational.com
LabVantage Solutions, Inc. www.labvantage.com
LemnaTec GmbH www.lemnatec.com
Li-Cor Biosciences www.licor.com
Life Chemicals Inc. www.lifechemicals.com
Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. www.ligand.com
Lonza www.lonzabio.com
Luminex Corp. www.luminexcorp.com
MAYBRIDGE/Part of Thermo Fischer Scientific www.maybridge.com
Mecour Temperature Control www.mecour.com
Mediomics LLC www.mediomics.com
Meso Scale Discovery www.meso-scale.com
Mettler Toledo International Inc. us.mt.com
Micronic www.micronic.com
MicroSource Discovery Systems, Inc. www.msdiscovery.com
Millipore Sigma www.emdmillipore.com
Miltenyi Biotec www.miltenyibiotec.com
MolSoft LLC www.molsoft.com
MP Biomedicals, Inc. www.mpbio.com
MultiCell Technologies, Inc. www.multicelltech.com
Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH www.multichannelsystems.com
Multispan Inc. www.multispaninc.com
Nanion Technologies GmbH www.nanion.de
Nanosyn www.nanosyn.com
New England BioLabs Inc. www.neb.com
Nordion www.nordion.com
NovAliX www.novalix-pharma.com
Novus Biologicals LLC www.novusbio.com
Ocimum Biosolutions www.ocimumbio.com
OpenEye Scientific Software www.eyesopen.com
Otava www.otavachemicals.com
Oyster Bay Pump Works, Inc. www.obpw.com
PAA - Peak Analysis & Automation www.paa-automation.com
Pacific Image Electronics www.scanace.com
Pall Corporation www.pall.com
Panasonic Factory Solutions www.panasonicfa.com
Parker Hannifin Corp. www.parker.com
Partek, Inc. www.partek.com
Pel-Freez Biologicals www.pelfreez-bio.com
Pepscan Therapeutics www.pepscan.com
PerkinElmer www.perkinelmer.com
PharmaDiagnostics BV www.pharmadiagnostics.com
pION, Inc. www.pion-inc.com
Porvair Sciences/Part of the Provair Group www.porvair-sciences.com
PPD www.ppdi.com
Prolume Ltd. www.prolume.com
Promega Corporation www.promega.com
Protedyne Inc. www.protedyne.com
PROzyme, Inc. www.prozyme.com
QIAGEN www.qiagen.com
Radleys Discovery Technologies Ltd. www.radleys.com
Roche www.lifescience.roche.com
Sapio Sciences LLC www.sapiosciences.com
Sartorius AG www.sartorius.com
Scinomix www.scinomix.com
Sekisui XenoTech LLC www.xenotech.com
Sequenom Corporation, Inc. www.sequenom.com
Sigma-Aldrich Company www.sigmaaldrich.com
Simulations Plus, Inc. www.simulations-plus.com
Southern Research Institute www.southernresearch.org
Sovicell GmbH www.sovicell.com
SPECS www.specs.net
Spectral Instruments, Inc. www.specinst.com
SwitchGear Genomics www.switchgeargenomics.com
SYGNIS Pharma AG www.sygnis.de
TAP Biosystems/Part of Sartorius Stedim Biotech www.tapbiosystems.com
Tecan Group Ltd. www.tecan.com
The Technology Partnership plc www.ttp.com
TEF Labs www.teflabs.com
TGR BioSciences www.tgrbio.com
Thermo Fisher Scientific www.thermofisher.com
TIBCO Software Inc. www.tibco.com
Titertek-Berthold www.titertek-berthold.com
Titian Software www.titian.co.uk
Tocris Bioscience www.tocris.com
Tomtec, Inc. www.tomtec.com
Toyobo America Inc. www.toyobo-global.com
TTP LabTech Ltd. www.ttplabtech.com
Union Biometrica www.unionbio.com
V&P Scientific, Inc. www.vp-scientific.com
VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. www.vistagen.com
Wako Pure Chemicals www.wakousa.com
Waters Corp. www.waters.com
Zen-Bio, Inc. www.zen-bio.com
Zinsser Analytic www.zinsser-analytic.com