Market research to gain the competitive edge
The History of High Throughput Screening
for Drug Discovery: 1998-2005
Overview Analysis of How HTS Practices Have Changed
  1. Analysis of the HTS market size and growth from 1998–2005
  2. Analysis by segment and product category
  3. Analysis of trends in areas such as cell-based and biochemical assays, target validation, secondary screening, in vitro ADME/Tox, high content screening, compounds and targets, label-free technologies, miniaturization, budgets and spending, the changing competitive environment and future goals.
The Ph.D. and MBA analysts provide an in-depth analysis of the HTS market.
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This 200-page report, an essential tool for understanding how HTS has changed and where it is headed is based on in-depth analysis and write-ups of 318 interviews with HTS laboratory directors and 238 interviews with worldwide suppliers of products and services from 1998–2005.
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The History of High Throughput Screening for Drug Discovery: 1998-2005

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