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Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing 2017:
Growing Markets, Capacities, and Innovations
The Comprehensive Industry Report for 2017
  1. Learn about the latest biomanufacturing needs, typical batches and required kilograms by phase and technology. Understand the types of new services being sought by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Discover the drivers for continuous manufacturing.
  2. Find out about the opportunities for the production of various biopharmaceuticals, including recombinant protein therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments, antibody drug conjugates, fusion proteins, viral vectors, vaccines, biosimilars and more.
  3. Understand market size, industry drivers, growth forecast, outsourcing budget, and contractor-clients relationships. Learn about preferred CMOs and the reasons for clients choosing the CMOs they use.
The Ph.D. and MBA analysts provide an in-depth analysis of the contract biomanufacturing market.
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This 900-page report, the comprehensive 2017 industry study, provides the latest information on biomanufacturing strategies, markets, technologies, and needed outsourcing services so readers can make successful strategic decisions. The data and the analysis in this report are based on 64 in-depth interviews conducted with biomanufacturing directors at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and contract manufacturing organizations worldwide. It is the most comprehensive industry report on biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing.
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Biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing 2017: Growing Markets, Capabilities, and Innovations

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